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Service Opportunity: Blessings Closet

Hey Leaders!

We have an exciting opportunity through Shepherd’s Staff in Westminster to meet the needs of the neediest among us!  Here are the details:

The Blessings Closet, a ministry of The Shepherd’s Staff in Westminster, was established in 1992.  It is a year-round ministry which provides non-food household essentials (at no cost) to people in our community who may be on government assistance, earning poverty level wages, temporarily out-of-work, or simply without a home.  Whatever their situation is, we want to support them as Christ has taught us to do.  Last year, 3,208 households were served through this ministry. To stock the items needed, we rely upon the generosity of churches, schools, and other organizations to keep The Blessings Closet filled each month.

With the goal to make this program even stronger, to reach even more people in need, Kathy Brown (the founder), Brenda, Velma, and I are reaching out to key organizations such as ours to coordinate a drive where every Sunday during a specific month or 2, the following 6 items would be collected:

Paper Towels * Toilet Paper * Laundry Powder * Dish Soap (16 oz)
Shampoo (22 to 30 oz) * PineSol (25 to 28 oz)

We would identify the best month(s) for them to coordinate this drive and collection.  When the items are collected, we would develop the logistics to have them delivered to Brenda Meadows at The Shepherd’s Staff.

The Blessing Closet is open every Wednesday from 5:00 to 7:00.  During this time, we distribute the items needed.

Their phone numbers are: 410-871-1492(w) 410-871-0674(h)

What can your small group do? 

You can collect these items with your group, talk to Shepherd’s Staff, find times to come and help distribute these items.  Or, perhaps, you personally want to take ownership of making this happen on a church wide level.  If you are interested in doing collections church-wide, and organizing please contact Chrissy Duke at 410-239-4700 or email

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