2011 Short-Term Missions Trips

 The OutReach Ministries are extending the influence of LifePoint Church here at home and around the world!  You can get involve din several ways: prayer support, financial support, or joining a team.  The teams are trips and trips are listed below: 



July 17-23.  Elevate is going to Mexico to further the kidgdom by building a house for a family because of what Jesus did for us!  The team has already been formed and is preparing to go to Mexico with Casas por Cristo.  Jason Fullen is the team leader.


July 24-31 (tentative).  LifePoint has a long standing relationship wtih Oscar and Ana Maria Campos at SETECA (the largest SPanish-speaking seminary inthe world).  The team will be doing some maintenance work at the seminary as well as in the Campos’ home, allowing them to further their ministry efforts!  Chris and Erin Allport and Dave and Jess Lombardi are the team leaders. (Ages 18 and up)


August 3-16. Last year Uprising went to Ukraine to work with Alpha and Omega (a campus ministry in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine).  We will be sending an expanded team to help Alpha and Omega with their summer camp this year.  Joe Paschal is the contact person fro this trip.  (Ages: 15-25; 15-17 with parental permission)


August 6-13.  LifePoint is working with Mission of Hope to effectively bring long-term change and hope fo rthe people of Haiti!  This trip will be an intense week of painting and other light construction projects.  Scot Lynn is the team leader.  (Ages: 18 and up; under 18 with parental permission)

Hosanna (Pittsburgh)

August 7-13.  The Local Impact Team will host its annual work trip through Hosanna Industries, a ministy near Pittsburgh, PA.  Team members need not have carpentry skills but only a desire to hare God’s love.  The week-long trip will entail various construction projects to help the underprivileged in teh Pittsburgh area.  This is a great way to get introduced to short-term missions close to home.  Joe Snively is the team leader.  (Ages: 16 and up; under 18 with parental permission)


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