Ways To Get Involved

 Find an organization that fits your groups’ passions.  Find out ways you can assist those organizations, by contacting them to understand their current needs.



*Family Links
Help a family we worked with during Risk Love!
           You Can: Mow the lawn, or clean their house
           Contact: Chrissy Duke 410-239-4700,
*American Foundation for Children with AIDS
 Helps HIV+/AIDS children receive medical supplies in Africa
           You Can: sort medical supplies

           Contact: 717-489-0206,


*Battered Women’s Shelter

Shelter for abused women in Carroll County

          You Can: Make food, clean, organize, ask if there are any specific needs.

          Contact: Linda Tully, 410-857-2999 Ext. 3015

          Or Jennifer Grodzicki,


*Believe Mugs

Mugs to encourage cancer patients

          You Can: Purchase mugs, and paint them to give out to cancer


          Contact: Ivelisse Page, 410-429-4995


*Blessings Wagon

Place to hand out house hold items to the poor in Westminster

          You Can: Help hand these items out on Saturday mornings. Or

          organize the items in the back room Saturday mornings. Also, donate

          house hold items.

          Contact: Carol Richardson, 410-751-3630-ex 2318



Assists people with developmental disabilities, mental illness and other specialized needs.

          You Can: Ask how you can help, care for their clients

          Contact; Doug Turnbaugh, 443-865-1952,


*Community Crisis Center

Dedicated to the prevention of homelessness in Reisterstown

          You Can: Assist in their many programs, donate, and ask what they need

          Contact: Debb Goff, 410-526-7111,


*Department of Human Services

Permanent Housing for persons with disabilities

          You Can:Work with some of their clients to help them transition into housing.

          Contact: Jennifer Grodzicki, 410-857-2999,


*Domestic Violence Safe House

Provides secret, secure, and safe accommodations to victims of domestic violence.

          You Can: serve meals, make meals, and spend time with them

          Contact: Jennifer Grodzicki, 410-857-2999,


*Emerge, Inc.

Serves individuals with developmental, physical and mental health disabilities.

          You Can: Ask how you can assist them

          Contact: Mike Gahagan, 410-884-4420,


*Family Links

Helps people facing emergencies or personal issues to access resources in Carroll County.

          You Can:  Help clients to meet the emergency needs.

          Contact: Jennifer Grodzicki, 410-857-2999,


*First Fruits Farms

Offers the first fruits of the harvest to those in need. (April-Oct)

          You Can:  Pick produce, pick a charity to donate it to or they can

          donate it for you

          Contact: Carol Bernstien, 410-343-2507


*Helping Up Mission

Serves the spiritual and physical needs of Baltimore City men who are poor and homeless.

          You Can:  serve meals to the men.

          Contact: Bill Reider, 410-591-0995,


*Horse Net Horse Rescue

Facilitates the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of horses.

          You Can: Clean, organize, Barn work, Groom, help with horses.

          Contact: Melanie Biemiller, 301-922-7029,


*Human Services

Administers a variety of emergency funds to those in needs.

          You Can: assist client in their emergency needs.

          Contact: Jennifer Grodzicki, 410-857-2999,



Provides tangible assistance for Carroll County and parts of Baltimore County residents in crisis or in need.

          You Can: Assist in the thrift shop, organize, donate, and ask how you can


          Contact: Marianne Larson, 410-239-6216,


*New Life For Girls

Frees women from addictions, restores them and trains them to re-enter society.

          You Can: Do crafts/games with them, teach classes, bible studies,

          make or serve meals.

          Contact: Sharon Howell, 410-848-1360


*NorthWestern High School

Largest Public High School in Baltimore City (grades 9-12)

          You Can: Help with tutoring, donate old Prom dresses, find out

          student needs, EX: need pencils, paper, etc.  Partner with a student to

          help them succeed and graduate high school.

          Contact: Kathi Roach, or

          Mr. Hartling (principal) 410-396-0646



Assists people with developmental disabilities to live full and productive lives.

          You can: Ask how you can help, work with their clients.

          Contact: Rachel Filmyer, 443-847-0072


*Safe Haven Men’s Shelter

Safe accommodations for chronically homeless adults with possible mental illness

          You Can: Make and serve meals to the men, ask how you can help.

          Contact: Danielle Kulick 410-857-8473 Ext. 223 or Joanna Waters

          410-857-8473 Ext. 225


*Second Chances

Free exchange store for low-income, at-risk and homeless in Carroll County. 

          You Can: assist in the store, organize, and ask how you can help.

          Contact: Jenny Graybill 410-848-5599 or 410-857-2999 Ext. 3009


*Shepherd’s Hands

Gives clothing and household goods and God’s message to the needy in Baltimore City.

          You Can: on 3rd Saturday, hand out clothes, food, household items to


          Contact: Skip and Cheryl Snelson, 410-795-8196


*Shepherd’s Staff

A Christian outreach and support center serving the needy in Carroll County.

          You Can: Assist in their hand outs, ask how you can help, do a




*The Door

A Church in Baltimore City with an afterschool program for at-risk children and youth.

          You Can: Help tutor, teach classes, do activities, ask how you can


          Contact: Irma Mabry, 410-675-3288


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